Overflowing Buntzen Lake

Buntzen Lake Loop is one of my favourite easy hikes. It’s long enough to get a decent workout, but it’s not steep or too challenging if I want to bring along a friend who is new to hiking. And most importantly to me, it’s gorgeous no matter what the weather is doing. In fact, I like it best when it’s cloudy because you get awesome sights like this:

View from the far beach.
View from the far beach.

When we were driving into the parking lot there were signs warning that the lake’s water level was really high and that some sections of the trail may be closed. We decided to chance it anyway, and luckily, the trail was open the whole way around. There were a few “Hazardous Tree” warning signs along the way, but that was it. However, it was quite something to see how high the water level was compared to usual, so I thought I’d whip up this post to share some pictures with you. My thoughts around the high water levels are that the ground became very dry during our drought, and then when we got that heavy dump of rain, the ground was unable to absorb it so it just flowed down the mountains into the lake.

Check it out!

The main beach.
The main beach.
The far beach - I couldn't even get to the dock I like to take my pictures from!
The far beach – I couldn’t even get to the dock I like to take my pictures from!
Luckily it didn't get high enough for the tables to float away!
Luckily it didn’t get high enough for the tables to float away!

Fall is in the air and the cooler temperatures are ideal for hiking – and there are less bugs! As always, I urge you to get out into nature – it’s good for your health, your stress levels, and your soul!

A Beautiful Day for a Hike

Yesterday I had a wonderful day doing what I love the most – exploring nature with a friend. For the locals: We headed out to Buntzen Lake in Port Moody. We did the loop around the lake, with a detour at the north end to go around another small lake and catch a glimpse of Indian Arm.

Hiker on trail
That’s my friend leading the way.

I love hiking year-round. The benefits of fall and winter hiking include the fact that you don’t get as hot and you don’t have to fend off the bugs!

And, you get to see some cool things, like this:

I love watching steam rise out of the trees to join the passing clouds.
I love watching steam rise out of the trees to join the passing clouds.


mountain in clouds
More cloud appreciation.

We stopped at North Beach for a snack and a stretch and got to appreciate the view.

Hiking shots
View from North Beach, Buntzen Lake Hike, Port Moody, BC, Canada
dock on lake with sky view
Dock at North Beach, Buntzen Lake

And then we continued on along the trail taking in the sites of the lake, moss covered trees, trail-side mushrooms, streams, and several waterfalls.

IMG_0594It was a gorgeous day for a hike. I only wish the pictures could do it justice. If you are able to, I highly suggest you find a friend, pack a bag and head out into the woods!

Make sure you are prepared though – hiking safety is important!  Check out the Mountain Equipment Co-op website for some tips and tricks.