About Me

Selfie at view point
Yours truly in my happy place.

Hi, my name is Adrienne. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you stick around. Feel free to comment and interact!

I live  on the coast in Vancouver, BC, Canada and I absolutely love where I live. You can often find me hiking up mountains, walking along the beach or trying to rope my friends into going camping with me.

I only got into hiking a couple of years ago, and I fell in love with it pretty quickly. I’m steadily building up my fitness level, gear stockpile, and network of fellow outdoorsy folk.

This blog started out as a bunch of things…but I’ve decided to have it focus mainly around my outdoor adventures – although I may still share the odd thing about simplicity or happiness if I feel it’s worth while.

I encourage everyone to get outside and into nature – it’s good for the soul!

Canoe trip to Widgeon Falls
Canoeing at Widgeon Falls.
Mount Seymour 3
Enjoying the sunshine on Seymour Mountain.
Me looking out at all the freighters in the harbour.
Enjoying the view at Eagle Bluffs on Cypress Mountain.

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