Birkenhead Lake

Birkenhead Lake

Last August, me and two of my girlfriends went camping at Birkenhead Lake for four days. It was stunningly gorgeous and has now taken the top spot as my favourite campground that I’ve experienced thus far.

We were lucky in that we were all able to take time off work to go during the week. I don’t know how busy it gets there on weekends, but it was really quiet while we were there, especially considering how amazing the weather was that week.

On our first day we went down to the lake for a swim and it was really cold! Thankfully we later discovered that we’d been swimming right by where a glacier fed creek runs into the lake. After that we moved further down the beach and it was perfect – and I’m kind of a wuss when it comes to cold water!

birkenhead 4
Birkenhead Lake

On our last full day there we decided to go for a little hike and found a path along the edge of the lake. It was absolutely beautiful, and as a bonus, we discovered a private little beach along the path. Next time I go there, I want to pack some food and drinks and head there for the afternoon.

birkenhead 5
We found this spot on our hike and thought it was good for a photo op.

After four days of my favourite things – sunshine, lake floating and swimming, camping, and quality time with great friends – we headed home (stopping for brunch of course). I plan to go again this summer and hope to write an even more detailed post about it then.

birkenhead 3
This was day one of camping, which you can tell by the condition of my hair. Yours truly on the left and my buddies behind me.

In terms of facilities and logistics – it is not quick to get to, and is down some long dirt roads – but totally worth it. They have outhouses, water pumps and bear proof garbage cans. The rangers are quite adamant about not leaving food and garbage out at your campsite. There are bears in the area, so you must be bear aware and take the necessary precautions. That being said, the biggest animal we came across was the deer that walked through our site. Speaking of sites, I liked the ones here because they are not too close together and are reasonably private. If you have the opportunity to camp here, I highly recommend it. Click the title of this post to go to the park’s site.

Evening at Birkenhead Lake

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