5 Beautiful Days on Pender Island


I got to spend five beautiful days on Pender Island, BC with my boyfriend Scott, thanks to his parents who let us use their “cottage” (two bedroom, two bathroom, gas fireplace…not exactly roughing it).

We arrived on the afternoon of December 31st and rang in the New Year together at the cottage. Then we spent the next 3 sunny days exploring the island. Starting the year off exploring nature and enjoying beautiful views with my favourite person was pretty much the best way to kick off 2016.

Me and my favourite guy out exploring.

There are lots of  roads and trails you can follow and find your way to little beaches and pretty views.



One of the things that really stood out to me was the fact that Pender Island has so many Arbutus trees! I absolutely love these coastal trees that are native to British Columbia. Read all about them here!

Arbutus trees
The gorgeous red peeling bark of a large Arbutus tree.

We also checked out a short hike in the “Enchanted Forest”. While it had some decent views at one end, as well as the Arbutus trees pictures above, it was definitely one of the less spectacular places we went. When I had searched online about hiking on Pender, one of the first sites I came across described the Enchanted Forest as confusing, easy to get lost in, and suggested that one should allot a fair amount of time to it. We did not find it in the least bit confusing and it is pretty close to the road and meets up with it in a few spots so I think it would be pretty hard to get lost if you have any familiarity with hiking or being in the woods at all. It also only took us about 45 minutes to go to both ends, including stops for picture taking. And while it didn’t have the level of breath taking views as some of the other spots we went, it was still a lovely walk.

Enchanted Forest Park entrance, Pender Island

My favourite place that we discovered was Gowlland Point. We found it just driving around exploring. We drove to the end of a road and saw the ocean, so we walked down to it and were amazed by the long stretches of gorgeous beach with stunning views.

Gowlland Point, Pender Island, BC
Gowlland Point, Pender Island, BC
Gowlland Point trees.
Gowlland Point, Pender Island, with Mount Baker faintly visible in the background.

It rained on the last night, but we were already back inside, warm and cozy by the fire. On day five we had a leisurely morning, and then packed up and headed home…and for me, back to work after three weeks off! It was a wonderful trip. Pender Island is beautiful, so if you get the chance to check it out, you should! And if you are looking for some yummy pub food check out the Port Browning Pub!

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope 2016 treats you well and is filled with adventures, good health and happiness.

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