Gear Review: MEC Aquilina Sleeping Bag

MEC Aquilina Women’s Sleeping Bag (Photo from

MEC Aquilina Sleeping Bag: After much research and going back and forth as to down vs synthetic (in the damp environment that is the West Coast of BC), I landed on this sleeping bag. I had never had a down bag or a mummy style bag before, but after spending the past several years freezing in the sleeping bag my Dad got me when I was a kid – I knew it was time for an upgrade.

I am SO GLAD I forked out the cash for this! Don’t get me wrong, it is a very reasonably priced sleeping bag for what you get, but I’m on a budget so this was quite a splurge for me. Especially considering I also needed to replace my sleeping pad and tent!

I have now used this bag on two camping trips. One was during a cool and very rainy weekend and one was during a hot and sunny summer weekend. I stayed cozy and warm on both trips (5 nights between the two) which is saying something as I am a naturally cold person and am used to waking up shivering even during summer camping trips. During the hotter trip I just unzipped it a bit when I got warm (it is rated to -7C). During the cold rainy trip I was snug as a bug!

I was a bit concerned about the down getting damp during the crazy downpour night and soggy weekend, but it didn’t get moist at all! The outer shell has a DWR finish on it to protect from dampness and it certainly worked.

I also found it quite comfortable. It fluffs up nicely after being stuffed in a drybag (which I purchased separately – see pic below), and I found it roomy enough for me even though I was used to a barrel sleeping bag.

It has a neck yolk to prevent drafts and a handy little pocket inside as well.

MEC Aquilina Women’s Sleeping Bag (Photo from


Outdoor Research Drybag (Photo from

And, the girly part of me LOVES the colours! I feel like a caterpillar in it!

Pretending to be a caterpillar.

Overall, with this bag, I am a very happy camper (literally!)

As a side note: I apologize for the lack of hiking posts over the past month and a bit. I had a flu, then was away for a weekend, then I got a cold and bronchitis and now I have a minor foot injury. Sometimes life gets in the way but I will be back at it as soon as I can. I can’t stay away from nature for too long or I start to go a little buggy!

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